Want to learn how to create sigils?
Get the course now and learn how to create sigils, how to use them and how to create fast magick!
Creating sigils is a form of fast magick that can be done in many different ways. Learn how to:
  • ​Set your intention
  • ​Deconstruct it
  • ​Transform it with a magickal language
  • ​Create a beautiful sigil
  • ​Charge it
  • ​Activate it
You see them on the internet and they're so beautiful...
but do you know just how powerful sigils are?
An ancient Form of Magick
Sigils, symbols and seals have been around since the first cave paintings. We see them in our world today in advertising and branding. The golden arches can be considered a symbol. 

Sigil magick is a form of fast magick can that can makes things happen quickly.
But no One ever really tells you how to use them or why
This course will change all that. We'll learn the history of sigils, chaos magick and just how to use different magickal languages to create a powerful work of magickal art.
This magick works!
As a sigil creator, I've enjoyed many successful magickal outcomes and now I am here to share with you just how powerful and beautiful they can be ...as well as how easy it is to create and use them.
It wasn't until I
discovered the secret...
...of the REAL magick of sigils, that it all turned around...
and now
I am on a mission to help others just like you!
I'm Willow
I've been a quantum witch all of my life .... I just didn't know it until I learned just how magick really worked!
See, the traditional methods didn't work for me and I was super frustrated.
Then, I learned about REAL power. The kind that I was born with. Once I stepped into it, I couldn't stop it.

It's my dharma to help others discover their power and step out of the broom closet.

We can have it all and create a whole new reality for ourselves.

You may know me as a Master Moon Manifester, but did you know that I use Tarot and Sigils to enhance all of my magick?

I'm Sharing My Magick...
Image your life when you intentionally create it.
Learn how to Create Beautiful Sigils
With Sacred Geometry, languages and elements
using your intuition and imagination
and more!
Learn the magick of real 
results without...
• Wasted Time....
• Wasted Money....
• Wasted Energy...
• Fear Of Failure...
Show the they can get the above benefits and results without...
Wasted Time....
Wasted Money....
Other Frustrations
Other Obstacles
go deeper into the benefits.
How can you drive home the results more? Get as specific as possible.
Create beauty. Create magick. Get Results.
Your intentions are the magick words to create anything you desire. Use them to create powerful magick!
Let the Universe hear you! Create your sigil and charge it and tell the cosmos what you want!
Activate it and put it out there! Make your magick work for you in a beautiful and powerful way!
Here's a huge benefit
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Just how much easier, lighter, happier, better will things
be when real magick is placed into your life?
The Master Crafter Course Series: How to Create Sigils
What's included
How to Write Your Intention for maximum results
Your intention is the first key to your sigil. Writing in present tense with belief and magick words is the secret to making this magick worth, as well as pure belief that you have what you want. Writing an intention or affirmation can be harder than most realize, and we don't want to use words that can produce undesirable results ...which is possible if you don't know what words should never be used to create this kind of magick.
how to deconstruct the statement and create the pieces for your sigil
After you convert, the deconstruction process is how you get all of the shapes and lines you create your sigil with. Understanding what the shapes and lines will represent is an important part of this kind of magick.
You'll learn how to take your statement apart and use lines and curves to create a beautiful and magical piece of art that has the power to change your life.
how to convert to Personal symbols or magickal languages
You've seen sigils online and you've watched a few YouTube videos, but why doesn't your work compare? There are magickal languages and symbols that you CAN use to create your work of magickal art. This course will teach you multiple magickal alphabets and symbols, as well as show you how to create your very own language! You can use it to make sure that no one knows what your magick is about.
Explain the 
limited time deal.
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This is your scarcity. You must have some sort of scarcity to encourage immediate action.
Want Even More?
Use this space to talk about a guarantee if they are not 100% satisfied.
Master Caster Bonus
Monthly Master Caster Series
$1 for the first 30 days - $19.97 after
What People Are Saying
Willow knows magick and with her help, I now use sigils and sacred geometry in all my crafting for very powerful results. After years in the craft, she really knows her shit and is a true master crafter.

You'll never learn from anyone else once you are caught in her magickal field. She is magick personified.
This woman taught me every single thing I know about magick and how to create a whole new reality. Her style and character are GOLD and any chance you get to work with her - do it. Right now. Don't even think twice.

- tallulah fox | witch
Where can I even start? She is just a wonderful human. Everything she does and touches is just beautiful.

As a member of her master coaching, I can say without a doubt that this woman has changed my life. 

I owe her so much and she never takes or misuses any of my energy. Sister until the end.
- agnes
Create the kind of magick that works fast and makes the world beautiful.
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